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444 KT&G Scholarship Foundation, receiving applications for the ”2021 College Sangsang (I 2021.03.29
The KT&G Scholarship Foundation has opened the application period for the '2021 College Sangsang (Imagination) Scholarship' for low-income students. The deadline for applications is April 7th.

Students who are currently enrolled in a college in Korea (4-year university or community college), and are recipients of basic living security or are in near-poverty groups are eligible. 200 students will be selected for the scholarship and they will be given 3 million won each. You can apply for the scholarship on the KT&G Scholarship Foundation website ( The application deadline is April 7th, and the scholarship recipients will be announced on April 22nd following careful, impartial evaluation. 

An official of the KT&G Scholarship Foundation said, "The College Sangsang (Imagination) Scholarship” is intended to resolve the academic imbalance and provide stable educational opportunities for the underprivileged." He added, “We will continue our scholarship projects to cultivate future talents.”

Meanwhile, the KT&G Scholarship Foundation has been carrying out “Sangsang Scholarship Projects” since 2011 to support the underprivileged in education and cultivate future talents. Every year, students from middle schools, high schools, and universities are selected for scholarships so they can continue their education. A total of 667 college students have benefited from the "College Sangsang (Imagination) Scholarship Project" through last year.

In January, the KT&G Scholarship Foundation donated 200 million won to the Korea Scholarship Foundation for college students from unemployed families. Also, the foundation provided about 170 million won in scholarships to children of small business owners suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation is a public corporation established in 2008 by KT&G to practice the company's business philosophy of being a "together company". The foundation has continued its scholarship project to support excellent students so they do not have to give up their learning due to financial difficulties. So far, a total of 6,029 students have benefited from the scholarship, with an accumulated amount of 34.3 billion won.

(Explanation) The KT&G Scholarship Foundation has opened the application window for the “2021 College Sangsang (Imagination) Scholarship” for low-income students. The deadline for applications is April 7th. The image above is the poster for “2021 College Sangsang (Imagination) Scholarship.”

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