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596 ESSE presso with a Mild and Rich Flavor is Launched 2013.03.11


KT&G (CEO Min Young-jin) is launching ESSE presso, which brings out mild and rich flavor through the method of adding double fragrance, on March 13.


The distinctive feature of the method of adding double fragrance applied to ESSE presso is that, in addition to the existing method of adding fragrance to the filter, fragrance is directly added to the cigarette’s raw material, thus making the unique flavor of the product last longer.


Yellowish-brown curved lines are expressed in a leisurely way on the pack, producing a full and profound feeling.

With the release of ESSE presso, the number of domestic product lines of KT&G’s representative brand ESSE, which surpasses other super-slim cigarettes in terms of sales around the world, has increased to 19.


KT&G ESSE team leader Im Wang-seop said, ESSE presso was born following extensive tests by experts from various fields to bring out a distinctive flavor befitting its reputation,mentioning that with this release of ESSE presso, consumers who prefer super-slim cigarettes will be able to have a wider range of choices for their tastes.”


ESSE presso contains 1.0mg of tar and 0.10mg of nicotine. The price is 2,500 per pack.
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