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437 KT&G Helps Flower Farmers Suffering from the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021.02.22
KT&G (President Baek Bok-in) has committed resources in order to support the flower farmers who are suffering from economic difficulties due to the prolonged new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. 

The flower farmers have been facing a difficult situation because every gathering which traditional calls for flowers has been cancelled during this pandemic. KT&G has been helping flower farmers through various events linked to 'Gahwamansaseong (家和萬社成, meaning that all is well if the family is well)’, which is a lifecycle care program for executives and employees. ‘Gahwamansaseong’ is a representative family-friendly program of KT&G, echoing the sentiment that all tasks carried out at KT&G are done well only when the employees’ family situations are harmonious. ‘Gahwamansaseong’ is comprised of diverse content, such as congratulations on the children newly enrolled in schools, career explorations for the middle school students, and parents’ wedding anniversary reminders.

First, for the school admission season in March, flower baskets with the president’s congratulatory cards will be delivered to the executives and to employees’ children who are entering elementary, middle, and high school. KT&G originally gave presents only to the children who got admission from the elementary school but now has decided to send additional flower baskets as celebratory gifts not only to the children who go to elementary school students but also expanding the recipients to children entering middle and high schools, planning to deliver flower baskets to a total of 550 children.

In addition, KT&G gives pregnant employees gifts with flower baskets year-round, and in May, Family Month, 200 employees will be selected from those who applied in advance and their families will be given flower baskets with letters written by the executives and staff members.

Furthermore, a small garden in the city center in the first-floor lounge of "KT&G Sangsang Madang Busan" will be assembled in line with the theme of "Sangsang 4 Seasons (which means that you could imagine 4 seasons a year)"; on the garden, KT&G will introduce people how to grow crops at home and will distribute seedlings and flower pots.

Han Ki-seon, Head of Department of KT&G's Communication Outreach, said, "We hope this support would be a small assistance to some flower farmers who are suffering from reduced flower consumption," and added, “We will continue to put forth various efforts to help our neighbors suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.“

Meanwhile, KT&G has been continuing various support activities to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to supporting flower farmers. The company donated 500 million won in emergency aid to the National Disaster Relief Association and delivered 300 million won worth of "Sangsang Share (which means “Sharing Imagination”)" lunchboxes to the vulnerable. To revitalize the local economy, the company also conducted the "Shik-gu (which means a member of family)" Campaign to purchase lunchboxes at some traditional markets, providing them to the executives and employees. KT&G is also participating to the Good Renters' Campaign this year, following last year’s tradition.



(Photo description) KT&G supports flower farmers who are suffering from economic difficulties due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic through various events linked to "Gahwamansaseong (家和萬社成)", which is a lifecycle care program for the executives and employees.

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