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435 KT&G Re-certified as 'Family-Friendly Company' by the Ministry of Gender Equality and 2020.12.17
KT&G (President Bokin Baek) was re-certified as being an 'Excellent Family-Friendly Company' by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in recognition of its contributions to work-family balance among its employees. 

'Excellent Family-Friendly Company' is a system in which the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family reviews companies and public institutions that operate an exemplary family-friendly system and grants certification. KT&G was awarded the certification of 'Excellent Family-Friendly Company' for the first time in 2015, and was awarded a Prime Minister's Citation in 2018.

KT&G's representative family-friendly program is 'Gahwamansaseong’, which the company has been operating since 2017. The program, whose name literally means 'When one's home is happy, all goes well', comprises various events such as congratulatory gifts for employees with children entering elementary, middle and high school, career search for middle school children, and second weddings for parents, garnering a high level of satisfaction among employees.

In addition, KT&G has been working to support employees in the area of child rearing by extending the 'automatic parental leave system', which since 2016, automatically switches to parental leave after maternity, with the period of leave extended to up to two years. The company also operates various vacation and leave systems, such as the 'Relief Personnel System' to encourage work leave, 'Refresh Vacation', which can be used for 3 weeks every 5 years, and 'Internal Venture/Career Transition Leave'.

In addition to this, the company provides opportunities for cultural experiences such as exhibitions and performances to employees through quarterly 'Culture Day', and has also established an in-house library. In particular, this year, the 'Flower Gift Event' was held in connection with a flower farmer to bring hope and vitality to employees and their families who have become exhausted from the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. The event received a great response.

A spokesperson at KT&G said, "Based on the philosophy that 'happy employees are productive employees,' KT&G has made a lot of effort such as introducing various systems to allow employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance." He went on to say, "In the future, we plan to actively implement family-friendly management and support our members so that they can achieve the best results.”

❰Image 1❱ Bokin Baek, President of KT&G

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