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592 The One Impact Collaborates with the Prestigious Man’s Magazine Maxim 2013.02.21





KT&G (CEO Min Young-jin) will sell a limited edition of one million packs of “‘The One Impact’ Maxim Magazine Edition” made in design collaboration with the world-renowned men’s magazine Maxim for four weeks.   


The One Impact Maxim Magazine Edition, which is low-tar, but brings out rich flavor, highlights the characteristics of The One Impact of intense-looking design that uses black and red colors. On the front and back of the product, characters symbolizing Maxim magazine were arranged in such a way as to make the most of the point of collaboration.


The men’s magazine Maxim, which participated in this production, is sold in 89 countries around the world. It is a prestigious magazine that has a wider readership than any other men’s magazine in the world.


The One Impact, launched in 2011, is made of impact leaf that gives a rich flavor because the upper part of the leaf tobacco stem receives sufficient sunlight, so that despite its low tar, it brings out full flavor. Also, what is distinctive about it is that it will not become soft easily despite being held in the mouth because the hardest filter of all currently on the market was used.


A KT&G official said, After self-investigation, the main consumers of The One Impact are male smokers in their 20s and 30s, which represent 70%”, adding that this collaboration with Maxim magazine is expected to draw a favorable response from regions where young people reside, such as university campuses.”


The flavor and tar content (1.0mg) of The One Impact Maxim Magazine Edition’ is the same as the existing The One Impact; its selling price is also the same as before: 2,500 per pack.

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