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498 KT&G Welfare Foundation Supports Freshmen from Low-Income Families with SchoolUniform 2013.02.13


The KT&G Welfare Foundation is to support 750 middle and high school students from low-income families across the country by providing school uniforms worth 150 million by the end of this month. 


This support project was planned and implemented to reduce the financial burden for low-income families that cannot afford to buy school uniforms for the new school semester, thereby helping the students have hope and courage to grow into members of a bright and healthy society.


The beneficiaries were selected from a list of freshmen from underprivileged lower income families recommended by the social welfare agency of the Foundation, taking their economic conditions into account, and a gift certificate for a student uniform worth 200 thousand is provided to each student.   


An official with the KT&G Welfare Foundation said, Students from families receiving National Basic Living Security Act benefits or single-parent families find it hard to afford to buy new school uniforms when they go on to junior high or high schools, adding that we hope this support will help them relieve the burden of expenses required for going on to an advanced grade even in a small way and go to school with cheerful faces.”


The KT&G Welfare Foundation has been operating eight Happy Network Welfare Centers and voluntary work centers that provide services tailored to the needs of the local community since 2004, and in addition to the project of support with school uniforms, have been providing meticulous and specialized social welfare services for people on the margins of society such as providing the social welfare agency with compact cars, and holding events of sharing newly harvested rice and kimchi prepared during the gimjang season.






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