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688 KT&G Volunteers to Improve Small Alleys with College Students 2016.05.24

▶On May 14, KT&G “Sangsang Volunteer” college student volunteers take a group photo in Mansu-dong, Inchon City after wall painting volunteer work for residential environment improvement.

KT&G (president Bok-in Baek) is to carry out nation-wide volunteer work in 30 regions with 3,000 college student volunteers called “Paint with Imagination” to improve old alleys.

The volunteer activities including painting walls of old alleys in lagging city areas with old houses, cultivating flower gardens in vacant lot, and installing LED lights and surveillance cameras in crime-ridden area, have been conducted since May 2015

In 2015, KT&G initiated the alley improvement activities with 2,700 college student volunteers in 27 regions. Positive response from local communities led the company to receive the plaque of appreciation from local governments including Daegu Metropolitan City.

Paint with Imagination project was designed by “KT&G Sangsang Volunteer”, the largest college student volunteer group. Students directly communicate with local governments regarding volunteer work area and details of activities. KT&G Sangsang Volunteer conducted over 1,200 volunteers sessions since its foundation in 2011 and the number of volunteers amount to 6,500

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