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684 KT&G Joins ‘Job Sharing’ to Create 105 Full Time Jobs 2016.05.02

▶New full-time KT&G recruitment celebration ceremony’ at KT&G Human Development Center. President Bok-in Baek (10th from left in front line) takes a photo with new employees and executive members

KT&G (President Bok-in Baek) turned 105 interns hired last year into full time jobs via job sharing program.

The conversion into full job jobs were based on the view for job creation shared by KT&G staffs. On October 26, 2015, KT&G signed a labor and management agreement on youth employment via job sharing of existing staffs for social responsibilities.

According to the agreement, KT&G extended the parental leave up to two years from previous one-year leave for better quality of life and childcare so the staffs may achieve the best work-life balance. The staffs may also take leave of absence for self-improvement and business start-up. The company promotes employees to go to paid annual holidays when necessary.

KT&G has continuously employed new staffs to overcome nation-wide unemployment problem. The company introduced ‘open recruitment’ without any requirements for educational background or age for sales and production division in 2012. The number of new requirements via ‘open recruitment’ peaked this year.

A KT&G official said, “KT&G pursues mutual growth via a wide variety of job sharing programs to face youth unemployment and decreased new hires of corporations. The company will contribute to youth job creation by increasing new hires.”

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