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683 KT&G holds French cartoonist Jean-Jacques Sempe exibition 2016.04.28

KT&G holds the exhibition ‘Jean-Jacques Sempe’, a French cartoonist and dessin artist of the 20th century who illustrated a worldwide best seller ‘Le Petit Nicolas” book, at KT&G Sangsang-madang Gallery in Seokyo-dong, Seoul from April 30 until August 31.

The exhibition, ‘Jean-Jacques Sempe : from Paris to New York’, includes 150 original paintings of his 60-year work in Paris and New York. The paintings will include cartoons of famous novels such as ‘Le Petit Nicolas’, ‘Marcellin Caillou’, and ‘L'histoire de Monsieur Sommer’. This is the first time the original painting of ‘Sempé à New York’ and his recent works are exhibited in Seoul after his first Seoul exhibition in 2010.

KT&G started its ‘Maestro of the 20th Century’ project in 2014 and invited Robert Doisneau and Raymond Savignac. Jean-Jacques Sempe exhibition is KT&G’s third project. KT&G designed the project to provide the public with various opportunities for culture and art by introducing renowned foreign artists.

A KT&G official said, ‘The art works of Jean-Jacques Sempee humorously lampoons the modern society of his time and they always have warm interest in human and gentle humor. I hope the visitors who have only seen his prints will enjoy the original paintings with vivid touch and even trace of correction.”

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