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572 KT&G holds a special exhibition for independent publications the ‘Fifth About Books’ 2014.09.01


▶One Copy of Poster for About Books
(Description on the picture) KT&G won the grand prize in manufacturing sector in the 11th Web Award Korea’ ceremony on 16th.



KT&G holds a special exhibition for independent publications the ‘Fifth About Books’
          -Introducing 500 independent publications in Korea;  flow of publications at a look 


KT&G(CEO: Mr. Min Young-jin) will hold a special exhibition for independent publications, ‘About Book’ in KT&G Sangsangmadang located in Seogyo-dong, Seoul from September 6 to October 25.
Started in 2010, this year, ‘KT&G Sangsangmadang About Book’ is now its fifth, and is an event to introduce and sell more than 500 indepdent publications. Publishers can meet new readers and audiences can see the current flow of publications at a look.
In particular, this special exhibition will have market-type form with small theme of ‘Bookstore Tour All Over the Country’, gathering 11 bookstores specializing in independent publication in six cities including Seoul, Busan, and Daegu. The audience will be able to meet various and unique publications colorful moods of each bookstore’s own in the exhibition hall composed and decorated to be suitable to concept of each local bookstore.
For additional events, ‘Meat? Meet!’ will be proceeded. The event will be held on the forthcoming September 19 and distributors, publishers, and purchasers will discuss process of publishing independent publications only and future of publications in the spot.
In addition, an external exhibition called ‘wandering bookstores’ will be held separately. This exhibition will introduce 30 and more independent publications in portable bookshelf installed in various locations in Korea to readers. It will started with main exhibition and be maintained for one year. The results such as moving path of the bookshelf and its episodes will be displayed in the ‘6th About Book’ next year.
A Person concerned in KT&G said “’About Book’ is an open exhibition for anyone to meet independent publications closely and for nothing. This special exhibition will be an active space of communication between independent publishers and readers.” 

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