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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
578 KT&G Welfare Foundation, donates 100 light vehicles to social welfare organization al 2014.10.24

KT&G welfare foundation(Chairmant: Mr. Kwak Young-kyun) held the ceremony ‘KT&G Welfare Foundation’s Donation of Vehicle to Social Welfare Centers in 2014’ with presence 200-something participants including the presdient of Korea Association of Senior Welfare Ceners, Mr. Lee Ho-kyung and people concerend in social welfare centers in Seoul Racehorsing Park in Gwacheon on October 22nd.

KT&G welfare foundation, respecting social welfare field’s opinion to need light vehicle passing narrow streets and alleys, since 2004, has donated 100 light vehicles to social welfare centers in Korea every year. By this year, total 1,100 vechicles were donated. 

For recruiting of vechicle donation for one month starting from June 19th, total 993 social welfare centers submitted, with about 10:1 competitions. Through fair screening, 100 institutions including Onsu Senior Welfare Center, Seongju-gun Socal Welfare Center, and Suncheon South Welfare Center were finally selected.

A person concerned in KT&G welfare foundation said that “we are happy that light vehicle doantion project for 11 years has been very useful to social workers in the field. And We will be with them in order to make a warm society without alienated and excluded neighbors.”

KT&G welfare foundation was established by KT&G for more effective social welfare in 2003. It runs eight ‘Happiness Network Welfare Centers’ to provide local-bound customized services,  as well as light vehicle donation, providing rice, kimchi, and fuel to our excluded negighbors and practicing careful and professional social welfare service.

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