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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
575 KT&G holds ‘Sangsang Marketing School – Open Lecture’ for college students 2014.10.02


KT&G will hold the ‘Sangsang Marketing School-Open Lecture’, an open marketing lecture available for every college student in 13 cities and towns from October 2 to October 10, 2014. 
The ‘Open Lecture’ is part of ‘Sangsang Marketing School’ started last August. So-called ‘well-known’ in the field, five marketers including professor Seo Kyungduk, a Korean promotional expert famous for Dokdo Campaign abroad, a team manager of Google, Mr. Kim Tae-won, who wrote ‘A Young Googler’s Letter to the Dead Passion’, and copywriter, Mr. Jeong Cheol will give their lectures.  
 ‘The Sangsang Marketing School’ started in 2010 and is a marketing education program which has had about 9,500 participants in seven sessions. Last year, in the survey of ‘the best outside activities chosen by college students and young people who look for jobs’ conducted by Job Korea and so on, it was selected as the first in the ‘marketer’ section.
KT&G planned a national-wide event in order to solve problems of college student who attend in local areas, because marketing education program for college students concentrated in Seoul metropolitan area. As a social contribution program for youth, every lecture in 13 cities and towns are free. 
The lecture is available for every college student and you can submit your participation through KT&G SangsangUniv Homepage(
A person concerned in KT&G said “Sangsang Marketing School Open Lecture is a rare chance to listen to famous marketers’ vivid lectures and as it is open to every college student, we hope they will have an opportunity to extend their learning.”

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