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574 KT&G will hold ‘2014 Sangsang Realization Festival’ 2014.09.29

KT&G will hold ‘2014 Sangsang Realization Festival’ in Ax-Korea located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul forthcoming November 15th.

 ‘2014 Sangsang Realization Festival’ will consist of ‘Sangsang Live’ by the best Korean bands and ‘Sangsang Talk’ full of joyful volubility.

In ‘Sangsang Live’, band such as ‘Jang Ki Ha and Faces’ with its own musical color and joyful sound, national level band, ‘Kookasten’, ‘Peppertones’ recognized with its music, and ‘Former A Man and A Woman Riding Stella’ will show essence of live. In addition to then, ‘Band Discovery’ program to search for and support new musicians sponsored by KT&G, ‘Man’, ‘Black Russian’ and ‘Pavlov’ will heat the stage. 

 ‘Sangsang Talk’ is time for listening frank stories of young people with worries and empathies and Jang, Hang-joon, movie director of ‘Light a Lighter’, Kim, Ji-yun, the director of Good Romance Institute will participate in the event and provide their original experiences and advices for audiences’ stories.

The ticket of ‘2014 Sangsang Realization Festival’ will be sold by Interpark and all the benefits from ticket selling will be donated to organizations for developing culture and art. For further information, it is available to use Sangsang Realization website(

A person concerned in KT&G said “Thirdly held Sangsang Realization Festival this year, is to look for talented new artists and to meet them with audience.” And “It will be a merry experience for everyone who encourages young people’s dreams and zeal.”

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