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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
571 KT&G won ‘Global Frontier Grand Prize by Korean Academy International Business 2014.08.25
KT&G(CEO: Mr. Min Young Jin) won the ‘Global Frontier Grand Prize” chosen by Korean Academy of International Business on August 22.
The ‘Global Frontier Award’ started in 2006 in order to find companies which succeeded in internationalization and going abroad and making it as a model of international business and is awarded to companies leading to internationalization and pioneering overseas markets in R&D, marketing, pioneering markets, sustainable management, and CSR.
KT&G was recognized for its successful market defense through its own excellent technologies and quality, active pioneering overseas markets, and the best-level social contribution activities in Korea and won the prize.
KT&G, with its ‘brand and quality management’, surpasses foreign cigarette manufacturers and forms 60% of the domestic cigarette market. Among countries with open cigarette market, the almost only one company with over 60% share of the domestic market is KT&G. In addition, KT&G exports more than 40% of its total production to 50-something countries in the world including USA, Europe, and Middle East, as one of Global Top 5 cigarette manufacturers. 
KT&G’s social contribution is actively ongoing as well. Its annual scope of social contribution is equivalent to 52 billion won, more 2% of sales. The company has also established its own original and distinctive donation culture such as ‘Sangsang fund’ and ‘Asking for Donation’, volunteer donation culture of managements and staffs. Since 2005, college student volunteer group has been dispatched to Cambodia every year since 2005, conducting volunteer works such as residential environment improvement and elementary school extension. Since 2012, with Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang, the company has participated in medical volunteer jobs in Indonesia, continuing to participate in global social contribution projects.
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