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572 KT&G opens the third ‘Sangsangmadang’ in Chuncheon 2014.04.29


KT&G(CEO: Mr. Min Young-jin) will open ‘KT&G Sangsangmadang at Chuncheon’ in order to contribute to develop cultural art and to boost local economy on April 29th.
 KT&G Sangsangmadang is a complex cultural space to support minor and young artists’ creative activities and to provide broad cultural experiences for ordinary people. KT&G opened its first Sangsangmadang in Hongdae area in Seoul in 2007. The second Sangsangmadang was opened in Nonsan, Chungnam in 2011, with start of KT&G’s efforts to share culture and art with people.

The third ‘Sangsangmadang at Chuncheon’ consists of two buildings of ‘Art Center’ with performance hall, studio, gallery, lecture rooms, and cafeteria and ‘Stay’ with guest room, rehearsal room, and seminar hall. KT&G id planning to run the space as where young artists who leave urban area can concentrate in their creative work freely and to make it a space to provide various cultural experiences to local people through performances, exhibitions, and lectures.
A person concerned in KT&G said “considerable personnel for running the facility will be employed from the area. The facility will charge low fee for higher cultural access and be regularly open to be used as a space of communication between artists and local people. With various cultural artists’ participation and increasing visitors, it will contribute to boost local economy in Chuncheon.
 KT&G runs its own welfare foundation and eight welfare centers as well as culture and art supporting project through the Sangsangmadang, conducting locally bound social welfare projects and also maintain scholarship foundation to provide stable education opportunities for the poor who are excluded from education. The company runs the ‘Sangsang Fund’ made by the managing staffs’ volunteer donation to offer practical help to the poor who are out of welfare programs. 

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