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To become a transparent, righteous company

Vigorous steps! The history of KT&G

Read about KT&G's history to see how it grew into a global company.

KT&G performed a key role in starting
tobacco history

With the foundation for the company’s growth prepared, this is the time to take a leap forward.

Beginning of Korean Tobacco History Scroll left or right to move. 1980-1883

Beginning of Korean Tobacco History
Business Contents M Year M Awards
Completed construction of Wonju plant 9 1983    
Completed construction of Goryeo Ginseng plant 8 1978    
Completed construction of Gwangju plant 11 1975    
Completed construction of Cheonan plant 9 1982    
Completed construction of Gimcheon ingredient plant 7 1973    
Completed construction of Youngju plant 8 1970    
Completed construction of Shintanjin plant 7 1965    
Reorganized as a Monopoly Bureau 4 1952    
Formed Ginseng Division of Finance Department under the Ministry of the imperial household during the Korean Empire (36th year of King Gojong (1899) 8 1899    
Founded the Sunhwaguk 1883    
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