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288 KT&G to Invite Musicians for Band Discovery 2018.04.18

▶KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek) invites participants for 2018 Band Discovery supporting rookie musicians until May 14.

KT&G has been running Band Discovery celebrating its 6th anniversary since 2013 to nurture new talents.

Any musicians who published an EP (extened playing) album may apply via KT&G Sangsang Madang webpage( ).

The competitors will be shortlisted through application and sound source screening. The final, during which the top 2 is selected, will take place in the form of public concert competition.

The winning band will be awarded 6 million won and gets to be featured on 2018 Sangsang Realization Festival as well as Sangsang Madang concerts.

In addition, live concert video, profile picture and additional score for Sangsang Madang support programs will be given to the winning band.

KT&G Sansang Madang also operates ‘My 1st Concert’ for rookie musician’s first concert and ‘S.round’ for new album publication.

A multiple number of musicians like Thornapple, Dayoung Ahn, The VANE and DABDA became popular and have performed many concerts including Sangsang Madang concerts.

A related person of KT&G said, ‘Band Discovery is an opportunity for rookie musicians with talent lack of performing opportunity. Hopefully the talents may enjoy the competition.”

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