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273 KT&G Welfare Foundation to Donate Tuberculosis Screening Vehicle to Myanmar 2017.12.21

▶KT&G Welfare Foundation and Rafael International, an international non-profit health and medical institution donated a tuberculosis screening vehicle to the Ministry of Health and Physical Education in Naypyidaw, Myanmar on December 20. (photo) Ji-hyung Kang, secretary general of KT&G Welfare Foundation (right) and Thar Tunkyaw, director of public health of Myanmar (left) holds a vehicle delivery certificate.

December 21, KT&G Welfare Foundation (president: Young-kyoon Kwak) announced that it donated tuberculosis screening vehicle to the Ministry of Health and Physical Education in Naypyidaw, Myanmar on December 20.

KT&G Welfare Foundation and Rafael International (Chariman: Jun Kim), a non-profit health and medical institution prepared the donation event for the improvement of medical infrastructure in Myanmar.

The tuberculosis screening vehicle, equipped with a mobile X-ray machine for preliminary diagnosis of tuberculosis and respiratory disease, will be running in Myanmar nationwide for early detection and diagnosis as well.

X-ray operation and reading training will be provided for local medical teams. In addition, education on the understanding and prevention of tuberculosis will be prepared for the local residents.

A related person of KT&G Welfare Foundation said, “The foundation prepared a tuberculosis screening vehicle for the early detection and opportunity for timely cure for tuberculosis patients in Myanmar. I hope it will provide better medical treatment for the people in need of medical support.”

KT&G Welfare Foundation was established in 2003 for more effective social welfare realization. It operates eight Happiness Network Welfare Centers for close local coverage and provides professional welfare service for the underprivileged.

Furthermore, KT&G has been engaged in medical support activities for the local residents in Uzbekistan and Indonesia. Since 2005, the Company also has dispatched volunteer groups over 30 times to Cambodia recovering from long-lasted civil war.  KT&G also built a forestry and agriculture education center to train reforestation professionals in a bid to prevent the desertification in Mongolia, involving in a wide range of corporate social responsibility activities at home and abroad.

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