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271 KT&G to Hold ‘8th Sangsang Realization Contest-Share Your Imagination’ Award Ceremony 2017.12.11

▶Winners of the 8th Sangsang Realization Contest – Share Your Imagination at the award ceremony held at KT&G Gangnam Building on December 8.

KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek) held the 8th Sangsang Realization Contest – Share You Imagination final presentation competition and award ceremony held at KT&G Gangnam building on December 8.

The contest was categorized into three categories including Essay on personal experience, Printing Advertisement and Project Proposal related to the corporate & social responsibility activity.

For printing advertisement and project proposal category, twelve teams who passed two preliminary screening tests and a workshop led by the renowned judges including the celebrity copywriter Cheol Jeongg. The grand prize for printing advertisement was given to Blue Spring Brook team with ‘Sangsang Fund’. For project proposal, Changer team with ‘Sangsang Dinner’ received the grand prize.

Sangsang Funding Award system was applied to final presentation so the cash award was decided by the number of votes won by the ten judges, multiplied by 500,000 won. Blue Spring Brook team and Changer team received 3 million won respectively. Those two proposals were remarkable in that they suggested a new way for KT&G’s corporate & social responsibility activity.

Minji Shin, the grand prize winner of printing advertisement and a college student, said, “I had an opportunity to improve the quality of my proposal thanks to the mentoring of celebrity participants, which was unheard of in other competitions. I hope that many people will know about the unique and sustainable CRS activity of KT&G.”

For essay category, the winner was selected through a separate judgment process. Youngkwan Lee who wrote about the story that a would-be writer becomes a novelist with the help of the scholarship from KT&G Sangsang Fund. KT&G Sangsang Fund is KT&G’s unique corporate & social responsibility fund, in which the company doubles the amount of money its employees contribute on a monthly basis. He also received 1.5 million won for cash prize.

The 8th Sangsang Realization Contest which started in year 2010 has built awareness to be selected as the No.1 public competition by a major competition and activity portal site. The name of the contest Sangsang Realization Creativity Competition was changed to Sangsang Realization Contest last year, with differentiated characteristics including judging process.

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