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KT&G donates food truck, hot meals for needy 2017.12.07

▶KT&G Hope Food Truck delivery and food serving (photo)

KT&G (CEO Bok-in Bae) donated a food truck called ‘hope food truck’ a social welfare institution and KT&G employees will be volunteering at soup kitchens over the next two years

On December 7, KT&G CEO Baek Bok-in joined employees in helping serve the needy at Warm Chaeumteo near Seoul station and held ‘KT&G Sangsang Fund – Hope Food Truck’ donation ceremony. The KT&G SangSang Fund Hope Food Truck, which was donated Thursday, will be used to deliver food to the needy in Seoul.

Starting with the volunteer activity on Thursday, KT&G will provide food-serving volunteer activity for the next two years. According to the company, KT&G will donate 500 servings of food each week to soup kitchens, including Warm Chaeumteo and the House of Virgin Mary in Daejeon city, and volunteering at the facilities once a month over the next two years.

 A total of 260 million won was funded by Sangsang Fund voluntarily prepared by the employees of KT&G. On a yearly basis, the operating amount of Sangsang Fund amounts to 4 billion won and the fund is raised by the Company as well on 1:1 matching scheme.

Mr. Bok-in Baek, CEO of KT&G said, “I hope that our employees’ work will help those who are having a lonely and harsh winter. KT&G will keeping providing social contribution activity to spread out ‘sharing culture’ through the nation.” 

Last year, KT&G used 2.5 percent of its revenue, amounting to 72.8 billion won, on corporate outreach activities. This amount is over thirteen times of the average of major Korean companies, 0.19%, published by the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI). The ratio is the top among the whole Korean companies

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