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262 KT&G Welfare Center to Donate 100 Compact Cars to Social Welfare Institutions 2017.09.21

 KT&G Welfare Center held ‘KT&G Welfare Center Car Donation Ceremony for Social Welfare Institutions 2017’ with about 200 related persons of social welfare institutions at Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon City on September 21.

In consideration of relatively poor road conditions of the area where social welfare is required, KT&G has annually donated 100 economically feasible compact cars with high mobility. Since 2004, KT&G has donated a total of 1,400 cars to social welfare institutions nationwide.

1,029 social welfare institutions nationwide including comprehensive social welfare center, rehabilitation center for the disabled, senior welfare Service center and community child center participated in the public invitation in June, and 100 institutions with priority were selected via a strict screening process.

A related official of KT&G Welfare Center said, “I have received very positive feedbacks of social welfare institutions that the officer may visit more places with the help of compact cars. KT&G will keep doing its best to make a better society without the underprivileged.”

KT&G Welfare Foundation was established in 2003 for more effective social welfare realization. It operates eight Happiness Network Welfare Centers for close local coverage and provides professional welfare service for the underprivileged including people in social welfare institutions and low-income families.

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