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252 KT&G to Invite Urban Regeneration Ideas for Busan from College Students 2017.07.26


▶Urban regeneration idea competition ‘Busan soars on winds of imagination’ poster   


KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek), together with Busan city, will invite urban regeneration ideas nationwide from college students until August 8. The contest named ‘Busan soars on the wings of imagination’ will receive ideas on facilities and programs wanted by the residents near Bujeon stream area in Busan city.

Participants may apply at KT&G Sangsang Univ webpage ( ). Ten candidates will be shortlisted after one or two screening processes based on public benefit, creativity, logicality and practicality. The winner of the grand prize (Busan Mayor prize)  will be awarded 2.5 million won .  On  July 21,  business information session  for detailed explanation of the competition was held on a site scheduled to be ‘SangsangMadang Busan’

On May 24, KT&G and Busan City signed on a memorandum of understanding to build SangsangMadang Bussan. The largest culture complex SangsangMandag will be established in Busan accordingly. SangsangMadang Busan, especially, will focus on the expansion of culture & art experience opportunity as well as young adults’ business startup and job creation. This competition is a part of pilot programs for the cooperation of KT&G and local governments for social contribution.

KT&G, together with local governments, has provided culture contribution activity related to urban regeneration. The cooperation with Seoul metropolitan government was a good example. In October 2016, KT&G and Seoul metropolitan government distributed calendars containing pictures of industry goods and master craftsman from Seun Shopping Arcade. Yongsan Electronic Market urban regeneration marketing competition, busking performance for the activation of Mugyo-dong and Da-dong district and fashion show for college student followed. KT&G is planning to hold Dong-dae-mun DDP fashion week with college students in upcoming September.

Hyoseok Ji, head of KT&G Cultural Contribution Division said, “KT&G will keep fulfilling the company core value ‘together’ through public-private partnered social responsibility activities. I expect a variety of ideas from young students for the competition following the MOU for KT&G SangsangMadang Busan establishment.”

▶KT&G, together with Busan City, continues urban regeneration idea competition ‘Buan soars on the wings of imagination’ until August 8. On July 21,  Business information session was held at a place where SangsangMadang Busan will be established (picture)

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