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KT&G to Deliver 350 million won for Residents in GangwonㆍGyeongbuk Province Wildfire 2017.05.11

▶Bok-in Baek, CEO of KT&G

KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek) immediately donated 350 million won for residents in in Gangneung and Samcheok in Gangwon Province and Sangju, Gyeonsang-buk Province where wildfire struck.

May 11, KT&G delivered the donation to ‘Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association’, the official donation collection organization for the recent wildfire. The donation will be used for living cost and building restoration of sufferers,

The donation comes from the Sangsang Fund. Sangsang Fund is KT&G’s unique corporate & social responsibility fund, in which the company doubles the amount of money its employees contribute on a monthly basis.

Jinhan Kim, head of KT&G CSR, said, “We made an immediate decision for support based on the suggestion of employees that the Company should support residents in damaged area by wildfire on May 6, in the middle of long holiday period. KT&G will also dispatch volunteer group for additional support.”

In September 2016, KT&G provided 500 million won for the restoration of cultural assets damaged by earthquake in Gyeongju. The Company contributed donation to overseas disaster areas including Japan and Nepal.

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