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KT&G Realizing Imagination Concert
Lee Byungwook (23) Dream - a Movie Director

“Here is Sangsangmadang (meaning Garden of Imagination) run by KT&G.
This is a place where aspiring movie directors like me learn how to make dreams come true.
Kim Green (24) Dream – a Sign Language Teacher

“ I would like to help hearing-impaired people by learning sign language. At first, I had no idea how to do sign language, but now I am learning it at KT&G.“
Lee Jangwoong (42) Dream – a Global Businessman

“I run a small company. As an entrepreneur, I would like to learn from KT&G how to make innovation that enables a company to make a leap towards the world.”
Lee Crystal (27) Dream – a Famous Designer

“I heard that KT&G runs various businesses that enrich our lives. Please tell us more about them.”


“Now, let me begin KT&G’s Realizing Imagination Concert!
let me introduce KT&G Sangsang(Imagination) Band!“

Section chief Won-seok Lee (PR team of KT&G)
Section chief Dong-gun Won (Marketing department of KT&G)
Deputy section chief Jun-a Lee (Sales team number 1 of Somang Cosmetics)
Head of department Sam-gon Hwang (Gingeng research center of Korea Ginseng Corp)
Deputy section chief Ran Hwang (Planning team of Yungjin Pharm)
Employee Hyun-june Cho (Marketing & planning department of Life&Gin )
Section chief Won-seok Lee

“KT&G strives to improve the quality of our lives. We are Sangsang(Imagination) Band, comprised of employees from KT&G, Korea Ginseng Corp, Yungjin Pharm, Somang Cosmetics, and Life&Gin. We are very glad to meet you all.


“That looks like the symbol of KT&G. What is it called?“
Section chief Won-seok Lee

“It is called ‘Sangsang(Imagination) seed’ which symbolizes the infinite value of imagination.“
Each seed represents KT&G; to be righteous, awakened, and together with you.

Since 2012, KT&G has integrated its affiliates and also the CI. Being a large scale corporate group, we are committed to turning imagination for a better world into reality.


“Please tell us how KT&G developed into a large company with many affiliates.“
Section chief Won-seok Lee

“It all started from our entrepreneurial spirit to provide the best products with the top technologies.”

With the aim of being the global top tier tobacco company, KT&G constantly seeks after innovation. Through the best products and technology, we have kept our promise with our customers to provide them with better quality of life.
Through such efforts, KT&G is growing into an outstanding global company. For example, KT&G was included in the DJSI three years in a row, and S&P rated KT&G strong corporate governance standard for two consecutive years.


“Now, shall we have a talk with the audience?”
Shim jaeseok (25) Dream – a Global Businessman

“How could KT&G overcome the limits as a local company and grew into a global enterprise?”
Section chief Dong-gun Won

“Technology’ and ‘quality innovation’ are the most important aspects in global business.”

KT&G has the biggest tobacco factory in Asia. KT&G is able to remain steadfast as a top player in the Korean tobacco industry with its’ high quality leaf tobacco, top technology, chic designs consistent R&D investment, foreign license contracts and innovate brands such as Lamborghini.
Also, our advanced manufacturing technologies are ISO certified. This further enhances the trust with our customers. KT&G which is already on the top in the domestic market is now playing a leader role in the market.
Section chief Dong-gun Won

“In addition, KT&G now takes the lead in penetrating into global markets.”
KT&G acquired Trisakti, an Indonesian tobacco company, in 2011 in order to expand market opportunities through global M&A. It is now producing global No.1 cigarettes, including ESSE(Russia) and PINE(Central Asia). Furthermore, we strive to maximize our asset value through real estate business such as factory site development.


“Now, we have questions from overseas.”
Richard Sutton, 49세 Ginseng Researcher

“Korean red ginseng is well known for its amazing effects. As the most renowned ginseng company in Korea, I would like to hear KGC’s story of ‘Imagination for a Healthier Life.’ “
Head of department Sam-gon Hwang

“Korea Ginseng Corp succeeded the tradition of Goryeo ginseng production. We inherited wisdom of our ancestors for a healthier life of people around the world.”
Jung-gwan-jang uses only systemically-cultivated-clean-ginseng, and process them with the best technology accumulated for more than 100years. Jung-gwan-jang entered overseas markets, including the U.S., Japan, China, and Taiwan. Our vision for a healthier life is now being realized through our brand stores around the world.
Deputy section chief Ran Hwang

“We come second to none when it comes to health. Yungjin Pharm is a specialized pharmaceutical company that has been pioneering in the treatment drug sector, and is also a global pharmaceutical company whose half of the sales comes from overseas. “
Youngjin Pharm’s over-the-counter drugs such as Glonsan Vermont, Vitamin FS, Panax are best selling products. In addition, in cooperation with KT&G Life Sciences, Youngjin Pharm developed special medicines for atopy, metabolic diseases, and asthma and chronic respiratory disease. This created synergy effects between pharmaceutical and bio business.
Lim Hansol (20) Dream – an Actress /Lim Jungok (50) Dream – a mom that has a skin of those in their 20s.

“How can I be more beautiful? “
Deputy section chief Jun-a Lee

“Every woman wishes to be more beautiful. Somang Cosmetics has various brands, including RGII, danahan, and ecopure.”

Somang Cosmetics brands are a product of constant research. Find our excellent- quality-products at retail stores, home shopping channels, duty free shops, and also at Beauty Credit, a dedicated store for our brands.
Employee Hyun-june Cho

“Life&Gin is committed to healthy and happy life.“

It offers Boum, health supplement food for constitutional improvement. All ingredients used for Boum are scientifically-proved. Boum already entered the Japanese market, and fastidious Japanese customers acknowledged its outstanding technology and quality.
Life Engine also offers Donginbi and Llang, cosmetics made out of ginseng.
KT&G is shaping a future where people live harmoniously together through Sangsang fund established both by the company and the executives and staff voluntarily.
Section chief Won-seok Lee
“KT&G SangSangmadang realizes various cultural imaginations. Through various events, KT&G offers venues to communicate with imaginations and aspirations of the world.“

Together with young students, KT&G strives to create a rich society.
Sangsang (Imagination) Univ. supports infinite imagination, passion and challenging spirit to university students across the nation. It provides various experiences and high-quality tutoring service in the field of art &culture, marketing, job seeking, and sports.

Sing imagination “Wings of dream” by SangSang band.

A lonely day.
Unrealized hopes.
(When you are) So frustrated,
So weak to stand up.

Look up to the sky. Believe in us.
I’ll be there for you.

Imagine high above the sky.
Imagine your dreams flying high.

Believe in you, believe in your dreams.
You’re gonna dream wings of your dream.

You are precious.
You’re gonna dream wings of your dream

Don’t stop dreaming
Keep on running, Don’t stop breathing.

It’s only you.
Keep on dreaming.

Run again.

Imagination is wisdom to break through reality,
Imagination is confidence doubled when shared,
Imagination is energy that brings better tomorrow.
Let us hold our hands.
Your imagination will be realized.

KT&G will realize your imagination.

This promotional video of KT&G was directed by director Kim Hyung Suk who has realized his dream to be a director through musical movie festivals and Sangsangmadang, all hosted by KT&G. Kim Green, Shim Jang Young and Lee Byungwook who are currently taking musical classes at Sangsang Univ. are starring in this video, which is a product of realizing their imagination.
Guide to the meaning of our corporate name KT&G and our business areas.
Learn about our history, corporate vision, business areas, management system, organizational structure, financial structure, tobacco business overseas and at home, and socially responsible activities
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