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501 KT&G launches limited edition ‘Lil Hybrid 2.0 Soohyang Edition’ 2022.01.26
KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek) collaborated with the fragrance brand ‘Soohyang’ to create ‘Lil Hybrid 2.0 Soohyang Edition’.

Through this collaboration, KT&G introduced ‘Lil Hybrid 2.0’ in ‘Cotton Blue’ and ‘Cotton Pink’ colors. Also, the limited edition bundle consists of a car air freshener holder and refill liquid with a sensual design of ‘Soohyang’. Mainly, the air freshener refill liquid was particularly made to salute the collaboration, and the new respect of ‘Lil’ was described as ‘Soohyang’s exclusive fragrance.

The suggested market cost for the ‘Lil Hybrid 2.0 Soohyang Edition’ is 99,000 won, and the Lil flagship store will launch on the 26th at 'Lil MINIMALIUM' and online retailer 'Lil store'. Shortly after, from February 9th, it will be available at the CU·GS25·7-Eleven convenience stores and the online shopping site Coupang. On the other hand, because it will be sold in a limited amount, convenience stores can only buy the product from the store where it was ordered.

‘Lil Hybrid 2.0’ is KT&G’s mechanical product that uses cartridges and sticks at the same time. Additionally, it is possible to inquire about the remaining battery, cartridge, and suction number in real time by using an OLED display. As such, ‘Lil Hybrid 2.0’ has perks, such as a full volume of smog, cleaning disadvantage, and elevated advantage. It has been well received by users and accepted as a groundbreaking product.

Wang-seop Im, head of KT&G's NGP business distribution, said, "The collaboration between 'Lil Hybrid 2.0', and 'Soohyang' will bring high satisfaction to shoppers. We will direct the cigarette type e-cigarette market through modernism and collaboration with numerous brands.”

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