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463 KT&G's MZ employees suggested management strategies directly to the CEO 2021.12.22
KT& G (President Baek Bok-in)'s MZ generation employees had an open conversation on the topic of ESG management and organizational culture and offered management strategies to the CEO for organizational culture improvement.

KT&G's next-generation leader council 'Sangsang Junior Board', which holds 10 employees in the 2030 generation, held the 'KT&G Sangsang Planet' in Seongsu-dong, Seoul on the 21st to consult about the mid-to-long-term ESG plan and generational unity of the company with KT&G President Baek Bok-in. Discussions were held on the start of an attainable organizational culture. This day, the 'Sangsang Junior Board' held a parting service to wrap up the activities of the past 8 months.

In May, KT&G earnestly reflected the viewpoints of young employees about management activities post corona and to change the flow of time, the MZ generation employees opened up the ‘Sangsang Junior Board’.

The first ‘Sangsang Junior Board’, was chosen in each field such as headquarters, sales, manufacturing, and R&D, had worked to enhance the organizational culture through activities such as allowing flexible work, rejuvenating employee emotional support, and offering an ideal management. Furthermore, we searched ideas for ESG strategies and new businesses to prepare for the post-corona age and reinforce the company's global competence.

"The specifics of this plan are △Use of public electric vehicle charging stations △Launch of green cigarette package △Start of crowdfunding △ESG strategies for a worthwhile management such as communication channels for employees.
All of this was reported straight to the CEO."

Baek Bok-in, president of KT& G, said, “The MZ generation employees will lead the company’s future and is very involved in the vision of this organization. It is very meaningful of where this corporate culture goes and we will spare no effort to make sure it gets its recognition.

Since 2015, KT&G has been running the ‘Imagination Realization Committee’, origin of ‘Sangsang Junior Board’. It has been operating until last year for six sessions, and attained diverse corporate culture enhancements.

(Photo1) KT&G (President Baek Bok-in)'s MZ generation employees directly offered management strategies to the CEO for organizational culture improvement. 
In the picture, KT&G president Baek Bok-in (center) is taking a commemorative photo with the first members of the Sangsang Junior Board.

(Photo2) KT&G (President Baek Bok-in)'s MZ generation employees offered management strategies to the CEO for organizational culture improvement. 
In the photo, members of the first ‘Sangsang Junior Board’ and KT&G president Baek Bok-in (second from the right) are shown having a conversation.
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