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Open recruitment of new and experienced employees by KT&G in 2021 2021.11.15
KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) is holding an open recruitment of new and experienced employees in 2021. Applications are accepted at the KT&G Recruitment website (

Hiring of new employees this year will consist of recruitment of Level 6 (Initial Level) and Level 10. New employees at Level 6 and Initial Level is for those who obtained education of a four-year university or at a higher level, or are expected to graduate in February 2022, for △ business management and planning △ real estate △ information technology △ manufacturing △ raw materials management △ research and development. For Level 10 for sales and production positions, students who are expected to graduate from vocational high schools nationwide in February 2022, such as meister or specialized high schools, can apply with the recommendation of a principal.

Recruitment of experienced employees consists of general hiring and Level 8 hiring. For general hiring, professionals are hired in a total of nine areas, including finance, marketing, and IT, for those who obtained education of a four-year university or at a higher level. The Level 8 hiring is for those with three or more years of work experiences, with a high school diploma or education at a higher level, for positions in manufacturing and raw materials management.

Hiring is conducted in the sequential process in each field of a document screening, an interview on practical works, and an interview with executives. After passing the physical examination in January, finally selected people will join the company after February.

The entire hiring is conducted in a blind method in which the age and the place of origin of a candidate are not disclosed for fair hiring. The artificial intelligence competency test was introduced in 2019 to enhance the objectivity and reliability of the process, and the competency and integrity of candidates will be tested.

In addition, KT&G provides recruitment-related PR videos to applicants. The company will be introduced through an employee's daily video log, and in collaboration with Catch TV, a YouTube channel specializing in employment consulting, questions of applicants will be answered by the HR manager. Related videos can be found on the KT&G recruitment website.

A KT&G official said, "We would like many passionate, enterprising talents to apply, who will lead KT&G together. We will strive to contribute to the national economy through continuous job creation”.

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