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KT&G Scholarship Foundation Provides KRW 200 Million of Scholarship for College Stude 2021.10.21
KT&G Scholarship Foundation, in partnership with the Seoul Scholarship Foundation, selects scholarship recipients to aid households of small business owners experiencing difficulties due to the economic recession following the extension of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Through a business agreement, the KT&G Scholarship Foundation delivered a total of KRW 200 million to the Seoul Scholarship Foundation. The Seoul Scholarship Foundation is planning to select a total of 200 college students from households of small business owners and provide the scholarship by the end of November.

The qualifications to apply are to be college students from households of small business owners, and either to be enrolled in a university located in Seoul or to be a student that is enrolled in a university outside of Seoul as a resident in Seoul. The application deadline is 5 PM by October 27th, and applications can be made online through the Seoul Scholarship Foundation website ( Detailed information on qualifications and the selection process can be found on the Seoul Scholarship Foundation website. 

The selection results will be announced at the end of next month and will be based on a fair evaluation that considers the financial situation, academic grades, and income level. KRW 1 million will be given to each student of the selected 200 students. 

An official from the KT&G Scholarship Foundation said, “We have decided to provide scholarships to support the households of small businesses owners who are being affected by COVID-19 and to help the college students to pursue their studies with hopes and dreams. We will continue to contribute to resolving the educational disparities of the lower class and continuously help the growth of the future generation.”  

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation is a nonprofit foundation established in 2008 by KT&G to fulfill its management philosophy of a ‘better life together’, and has been actively pursuing various scholarship projects both domestically and internationally so that people do not give up on their studies for social or economic reasons. Since its establishment, approximately 6,000 students have received benefits, with the aid totaling KRW 34.8 billion.

Scholarship Agreement Ceremony of the KT&G Scholarship Foundation – Seoul Scholarship Foundation and KT&G Scholarship Foundation Logo

(Photo 1) The KT&G Scholarship Foundation provides KRW 200 million of scholarship in total for the selected 200 students to support the college students from households of small business owners. The photo shows Director Ahn Hong Pil from the KT&G Scholarship Foundation (third from the left) and Director Song Yeon Suk from the Seoul Scholarship Foundation (fourth from the left) celebrating the signing of the business agreement.



(Photo 2) Image of the KT&G Scholarship Foundation logo
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