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440 KT&G, selected as ‘2021 Korea’s Leading Company in Job Opportunities’ 2021.07.28
On the 27th, KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) was selected as '2021 Korea’s Leading Company in Job Opportunities' organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

'Korea’s Leading Company in Job Opportunities', this year marking its 4th time being held, is a certification awarded to companies that contribute to the growth in domestic employment and lead in improving job quality. It makes the selection by considering the balance by industry and company using indicators such as ▲efforts to create jobs ▲reduction of work hours and practice of work-life balance ▲consideration of jobs for the underprivileged and ▲ establishment of a safe working environment. To the selected company, administrative and financial support, publicity, and president’s certification plaque are awarded.

KT&G was highly evaluated for its efforts to practice work-life balance and create jobs. The company operates various welfare systems based on work-life balance to support the balanced life between work and life of its employees. In particular, the 'refresh system', which grants three weeks of paid leave every five years, is serving as an opportunity to recharge for the employees. It was also selected as an 'Outstanding Company Practicing Work-Life Balance' organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor last year for its flexible work system and various leave-of-absence systems. 

In addition, the company has been expanding the employment of young people by actively hiring high school graduates to overcome the job opportunity problem of the youth. Through continuous business expansion and enhancement of global competitiveness, it is evaluated as a company that maintains stable employment of its employees.

Jung Hoon, head of KT&G's Human Resources, said, "This selection as 'Korea’s Leading Company in Job Opportunities' is the result of continuous efforts in the employment problems caused by our society and efforts to achieve a balanced life for employees. We will continue to strive to create jobs and improve our organizational culture to set a good example for our society as a leading company in job opportunities." 

(Photo) On the 27th, KT&G received the President's certification plaque at the certification ceremony of the '2021 Korea’s Leading Company in Job Opportunities'. In the photo from the left, Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom, KT&G Head of Human Resources Jung Hoon, and Minister of Employment and Labor Ahn Gyeong-deok are taking a commemorative photo.

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