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440 KT&G Open to Applications for the '4th Sangsang Stage Challenge’ 2021.01.25

KT&G (CEO Bokin Baek) is open to accepting applications for creative works for the “4th Sangsang Stage Challenge”, a Korean creative works support program, until the 21st of next month.


The 'KT&G Sangsang Stage Challenge' is a program designed to support Korean creative plays looking for a stage and an audience. KT&G has been discovering and supporting potential creative works through the 'Sangsang Stage Challenge' every year since 2017. So far, a total of three works have been selected, including musicals and plays.


This contest targets Korean creative musical works that can be performed from September to October. Participating organizations and production companies producing a wide range of works, from premiere works to be released for the first time on stage, to re-performance works that are newly adapted from the original work, are eligible to apply. However, the performance must be performed for more than 4 weeks after selection and must not violate the copyright of the original performance. 


Applicants can apply through the KT&G Sangsangmadang website. ( The final selection will be announced in March after the first document screening and the second interview screening, and performance production costs of 10 million won and the performance hall and equipment of “KT&G Sangsang Madang Daechi Art Hall” will be provided free of charge.


Hyoseok Ji, Head of the KT&G Culture Contribution Division said, "KT&G has been conducting various creative play support projects to contribute to the development of Korean performance culture." He closed by saying, "In the future, we will continue to utilize the infrastructure of 'KT&G Sangsang Madang' to discover excellent creative plays and support them so that they may continue to perform consistently.


(Photo) KT&G '4th Sangsang Stage Challenge' Open Applications Poster


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