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492 KT&G Welfare Foundation and Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang support overseas medical service 2012.10.12


KT&G Welfare Foundation (Chairman Gwak Young-Gyun) and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (Director Jeong Jin-Yeop) are partnering to perform volunteer medical service in Indonesia until the 14thofthismonth.

For this medical undertaking, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital dispatched a medical team of 27 doctors and nurses, assisted by KT&G with KRW 150 Million for the purchase of medicines and other expenses.

The medical service team will provide a variety of medical services in the provincial hospital Dr. Seotomo, located in Eastern Java in Indonesia, including operations on 80 patients who are unable to receive medical benefits due to financial difficulties. Local doctors will participate in the operations as well, thereby helping to spread medical technique.

An official from the KT&G Welfare Foundation stated that “KT&G Welfare Foundation, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, the Provincial Government of East Java and Dr. Seotomo Hospital have contracted a mutual agreement for future medical service activities and the improvement of local medical proficiencies,” adding that, “Locally customized medical services will be continued in the future.”

KT&G Welfare Foundation and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital partnered to perform 397 total operations and other healthcare services focusing on heart disease patients in Uzbekistan during six visits starting in 2004.
The Foundation decided that from this year the medical service teams will serve in Indonesia where the medical environment for low-income earners is relatively poor.
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