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KT&G is fulfilling its social responsibility in relation to smoking through youth smoking prevention activities and smoking environment improvement projects to establish an advanced smoking culture for people to be considerate toward each other. In particular, when implementing social responsibility projects related to the business, KT&G observes related laws and organically cooperates with external specialized institutions to enhance project effectiveness and secure sustainability.

Smoking environment improvement

Campaign to establish an advanced smoking culture

Through public interest programs related to its intrinsic business, KT&G is fulfilling its responsibility to make a mature citizen’s society where citizens consider and understand each other by implementing projects intended to form a social culture of “mutual respect” that allows smokers and non-smokers to coexist such as portable ash tray production and distribution projects, cigarette box smoking etiquette pictogram campaigns, and public facility smoking room environment improvement projects.

Implementation of ‘making a better tomorrow contents’ contests (2008-2010)These contests were implemented by inviting submissions of diverse contents, such as videos, photos, and designs with the theme “sharing of proper smoking etiquette culture” and disclosing the contents with a view to making cultural campaigns that can remind people of the importance of smoking etiquette and present effective practical alternatives.

Production and distribution of portable ash trays

Participated in Seoul City’s “clean street making campaign.” Supported environmental NGOs, and implemented campaigns for observing basic order at Seoul toll gates.

Implementation of public interest advertisements for smoking etiquette

Weekly magazine public interest advertisements (2008), public interest advertisements for smoking etiquette in public smoking rooms (2007-), and public interest advertisements using cigarette box smoking etiquette pictograms (2008-present).

Improvement of public facility smoking room environments

Installed and is operating smoking rooms in large public facilities such as airports (in 28 airports throughout the country).

Prevention of youth smoking

Youth health protection campaign

KT&G has implemented the youth smoking prevention campaign “Green Narae.” KT&G has opened a cooperative site with the Seoul Youth Mental Health Center to operate diverse educational programs. In particular, KT&G is distributing smoking prevention education materials to 12,000 elementary/middle/high schools throughout the country and has enabled downloading of the contents from the homepage to increase the utility of the contents. In addition, to block the distribution channels through which youths can get cigarettes, KT&G supported the production of guidance stickers that contained the information of the ARS (1382 without dialing codes) for ID card checks and ID card forgery checks and the attachment of it to shops throughout the country.

Implementation of ‘Green Narae’ youth smoking prevention campaign
(cooperative institution: College of Medicine, Seoul National University)

Homepage operation: online provision of youth smoking prevention and mental health contents Distribution of youth smoking prevention educational materials: to 12,000 elementary/middle/high schools throughout the country Installation of guidance materials for youth smoking prevention in retail stores

Support for medical research

Support for national health

To contribute to society through support for the area of medical research, KT&G has been supporting public interest institutions aimed at the investigation of the causes of diverse cancers and the development of new diagnosis methods and treatment methods since 2007.

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