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292 KT&G to Donate for Army Glamping Site Construction. 2018.07.09

KT&G (CEO: Bok-in Baek) donated 80 million Korean won to the ROK Army for the construction of a “glamping site” for officers, soldiers and their families on July 6.

General Yong-woo Kim, Chief of Staff of the Republic of Korea Army said, “I appreciate the support and attention. The glamping site will help the soldiers with training, relaxation and work & life balance as well.”.

A related person of KT&G said, “Hopefully the donation may boost solders’ morale by providing an opportunity to get recharged in nature with their family.

KT&G has supported the military with various programs including ‘Military Defense TV Train’, ‘Military Defense Startup Challenge – a startup support program for soldiers’ for the improvement of their military life and careers after their military service.

The accumulated donation amounts to 1.9 million Korean won for the last 18 years.


▶사진은 백복인 KT&G 사장(왼쪽)과 김용우 육군 참모총장(오른쪽)이 지난 6일 육군 서울사무소에서 기증식을 갖고 기념 촬영하고 있는 모습.

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