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266 KT&G SangsangMadang to Provide Cultural Programs in Late Autumn 2017.11.07

KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek) will provide a variety of cultural programs including exhibition of works from internationally known artists, painting animations show and overnight theme travel with movie and music in November, late autumn season.

KT&G SangsangMadang Hongdae holds the exhibition of works from Quentin Blake, a painter beloved around the world. ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is a well-known work of him and over 180 works will be exhibited until next February.

The exhibition is full of imagination in line with the title ‘Sweet Factory’. Audience may enjoy his works from various angles and experience his work room as well.

KT&G SangsangMadang Cinema on the 4th basement floor will show ‘Loving Vincent, 2017’ with a motif of the death of Vincent van Gogh. The movie is the first painting animation including over 130 Gogh paintings reproduced by painters in all over the world for recent 10 years.

KT&G SangsangMadang Chuncheon prepared an overnight rail travel ‘Chuncheon Adventures of Teunteun’ with an independent movie director and leading actors on Gyeongchun (Seoul-Chuncheon) line on November 11.   Bongsu Ko who directed the independent movie ‘The Adventures of Teunteun’ and the main actors will enjoy small alley tours, movie watching and concerts in Chuncheon together with the participants of overnight tour.

A related official of KTG& said, “KT&G has provided various cultural experience programs for audience at SangsangMadang in November, great late autumn season. The Company will keep providing independent culture & art experience opportunities through a differentiated support activities.

▶Sweet Factory by Quetin Blake exhibition poster

▶‘Chuncheon Adventures of Teunteun’ poster

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