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265 KT&G to Provide Cheering Gifts for Employees’ Children Preparing for College Entrance 2017.10.25

▶ Encouragement letter, ginseng product and backpack gift set prepared for 254 employees’ children preparing for college entrance exam

KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek) leading family-friendly management provided encouragement letters and gifts once more this year for 254 employees’ children preparing for the college entrance exam to be held on November 16.

KT&G delivered encouragement letters written by Bok-in Baek, ginseng product and backpacks from Sangsang Madang shop to the students on October 24.

Bok-in Baek said in the letter, “Please don’t forget the strongest support you have is your family. Relax and prepare for the exam with confidence. I know you may become nervous before the exam but it will bring new hope to you as well. Keep yourself warm.”

KT&G has promoted work-life balanced working environment via family-friendly management and started 'When One's Home is Happy' program this year.

In March, KT&G delivered congratulations card prepared by Mr. Baek and school supplies for 187 employee's children entering a primary school. The parent of a new born baby may choose organic baby cloth or naming service as well.

In November, selected employee's parents will be invited for 'remind wedding' for their parents in Jeju Island.

A KT&G official said, “KT&G has focused on work and life balance of employees amid the government’s efforts against low birth rate and aging population. The consensus that work and life balance culture is the competitiveness of a company will keep leading us to start more diversified 'When One's Home is Happy' program.”

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