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243 KT&G to Send College Student Volunteer Team to Cambodia 2017.04.28

KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek) would invite ‘Cambodia Hope Correspondent’, the sixth team of undergraduate volunteers to Cambodia on an international volunteering mission until May 7.

The team will be sent to Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia to assist NGOs in building and repairing schools and offering learning support activity between July 7 and July 19. In addition, in order to offer Cambodian students various cultural experiences, the team has been preparing “talent donation” on its own, take advantage of each volunteer’s talent.

Any college student may submit application including picture or video related to talent donation through KT&G Hope Correspondent Webpage ( Final candidates will be selected through in-depth interview after being short-listed based on the application.

During the recruiting period, corporate social responsibility for book donation to Cambodian schools will be prepared. Books will be donated according to the number of Likes on ‘book donation participation’ on KT&G Hope Correspondent Webpage, which will be funded by KT&G Welfare Foundation.

A related person of KT&G said, “KT&G has dispatched volunteer teams to Cambodia for 13 years since 2005. KT&G has helped for living environment improvement and educational support for the future of Cambodia.”

Furthermore, KT&G has been engaged in medical support activities in Uzbekistan, Mongol, etc. In Indonesia, the company has carried out a project called ‘Sangsang Village’ to improve living conditions in slum areas. KT&G also built a forestry and agriculture education center to train reforestation professionals in a bid to prevent the desertification in Mongolia, involving in a wide range of corporate social responsibility  activities at home and abroad.

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