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History of Overseas Expansion

Overseas Expansion

KT&G has established local plants and is manufacturing and distributing main brands such as ESSE and PINE in order to smoothly supply tobacco for export to nearby and other countries.KT&G is taking part in vitalizing local economies by hiring local workers.

  • Country

    Exports to around
    50 countries

  • Brand

    Export of about
    150 brands

  • Awards

    $700 million
    Awarded Export Tower
    (2016, Korea International Trade Association)

  • Esse

    ESSE brand reached
    export target of
    212.9 billion cigarettes
    (2016 cumulative)

  • Export Record

    Annual Export Record
    48.7 billion cigarettes

  • Overseas Employment

    Local Employees
    2,700 people
    Contributed to the creation of overseas employment

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History of Overseas Expansion
Country Production Capacity
(100 million cigarettes)
No. of Employees Main Brands
Sojourning Local Total
Turkey 28 4 45 49 ESSE/PINE
Iran 8 4 14 18 ESSE/PINE
Russia 40 7 93 100 ESSE
Indonesia 40 19 2,587 2,606 ESSE/BOHEM
China - 4 61 65 ESSE

Overseas Activities

  • Participated in the TFWA World Exhibition, the world’s largest duty-free goods exhibition

  • Overseas business (Participated in the Intertabac Fair)

  • The first to introduce the domestically launched Tonino Lamborghini brand to the world market

  • Completion ceremony for KT&G plant in Russia, including ultra-slim product production line

  • Established a bridgehead for overseas new market development through the acquisition of Trisakti

  • Established a Korean Language Institute in Indonesia, a first for a domestic company

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