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KT&G, leaping to become a global giant company

We have developed into a global Top 5 tobacco company thanks to our customers' interest and support and are actively investing in fostering the red ginseng industry, which is the No. 1 domestic ginseng industry, and the biopharmaceutical industry, which will become a source of future growth, in order to continually improve the company's value.

Trustworthy KT&G, with its transparent management

KT&G was the first domestic company to proclaim a corporate governance charter, and is recognized by domestic evaluation agencies as an exemplary company due to its transparent management by employing an outside director system. KT&G was selected as an honorary corporate governance enterprise hosted by the Korean Corporate Governance Improvement Support Center (for three years in a row), and led the introduction of IFRS in Korea.

KT&G fulfills its social responsibility as a corporate citizen

KT&G has tried to become a responsible member of society. Examples include running a scholarship foundation to foster young, talented individuals who will be in charge of the future, operating the center SangsangMadang to secure cultural diversity and foster new and upcoming writers, doing welfare foundation activities via our Happy Network, and by employees performing volunteer activities. KT&G will do our best to maximize customer value by realizing the management philosophy of being an "exemplary company," "progressive company" and "together company." Please continue your love and encouragement to KT&G.
Thank you.

CEO Young-Jin Min
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