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About the Board of Directors (BOD) at KT&G Corporation

BOD of KT&G consisting of 6 independent non-executive directors and 2 executive direc tors, is deemed to be the top class in Korea with regards to its invigorating function and efficient management.

With its vision to establish both professional and responsible management system based on the board of directors and dominated by independent non-executive directors in order to balance the values of entire shareholders and stakeholders.

BOD of KT&G plays and important role as the ultimate decision maker resolving key cor porate matters pursuant to relevant statutes, articles of incorporation, BOD’s regulations.

KT&G is recognized as being the top-tier in corporate governance and was awarded as the best company in CG for 3 consecutive years by Corporate Governance Service Kore a owing to its continuous efforts to enhance its BOD transparency and realize both profe ssional and responsible management system.

  • 01

    Convening of the AGM and submission of it’s relevant agenda

  • 02

    Financial matters

  • 03

    Important managerial matterts

  • 04

    Other matters require-ed to be resolved by BOD pursuant to rele vant statutes, articles of incorpora-tion and etc.

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